PAGC Security Guard 80hr Program. Stoney Rapids SK. Mar27-7Apr 2020 **POSTPONED**

Now accepting applications for the PAGC sponsored Security Guard Program. Two parts to the program: Part 1 is the Saskatchewan Security Guard 40 hour. Part 2 is the Tactical portion Self Defense; Arrest and Control; Tactical Handcuffing; Baton; De-escalation Tactics 40 hour. ***POSTPONED due to COVID-19 protocol*** We are still accepting applications and as soon as it is safe we will set dates for training.

Full Course Components for 40 hour Saskatchewan Security Guard Course:

-Introduction and Provincial Legislation

-The Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard 

-Conduct of Security: Professionalism and Public Relations

-The Security Guard and the Legal System

-Access Control and Alarm Systems

-Traffic Control

-Note Taking, Reports and Evidence

Response to Immediate Crisis

-General Patrol Tactics and Techniques

-Labour Disputes

The Tactical portion of the program consists of the following during 40 hours:

-Use of force model and application

-Defensive Stance and movement patterns

-Theory of Self-Defense

-Defence to Common Attacks

-Theory of Arrest & Control

-Arrest & Control; Tactical Handcuffing

-Escorting Techniques; Pressure Points

-Tactical Communication and De-escalation Techniques

-Expandable Baton

-Ethical Intervention

Included in your training:

Included is a set of regular size Peerless Handcuffs and nylon case; Tactical Key; Slash proof search gloves Med-XL. $170.00 package.