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Providing Safety Awareness

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Personal and Public Safety Defensive Tactics |Personal Safety| Use of Force Consultation & Training| Workplace Violence Prevention.

Security 2J2 is a division of Fitness 2J2 Ltd.  First Nations owned and operated, community based social responsible company.  Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, providing services since 2011.

We provide training in virtually every area associated with personal and public safety, confrontation management, and assault prevention, dealing with workplace violence, force response, use of force, arrest and control tactics.

At 2J2 we train in a holistic approach that covers: Mental; Emotional; Spiritual and Physical.  We are committed to improve safe and current training information and methods that are effective.  2J2 has reputable  current and retired law enforcement and military trainers.  Our training will ensure you have one of the most humane methods of defusing and controlling situations that occur in life.

2J2 can provide you and your organization with proactive strategies, tactics and techniques to manage and mitigate risk, to enhance physical safety and legal security.  To increase employee confidence and competence in dealing with situations that may be high risk or confrontational in nature. We specialize in: Women’s and Youth Assault Prevention; Unruly Client/ Office Safety Management; Health providers and staff; Site planning and risk analysis. Potentially Violent Patient/Client Management Training. Security Guard use of force options, defensive tactics, hand cuffing. Casino Security Professionals and Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) Training. All training is thoroughly court-defensible and supportive of personal and organizational goals.

All training concepts have been pressure-tested in the real world and before the Courts in Canada. Your personal and organizational liability position will be greatly enhanced through 2J2. Albert Boucher, Leon Durette, and Joel Pedersen Defensive Tactic Instructors can be reached at  306-281-5338 or email to

Personal Safety | Use of Force Consultation & Training | Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar’s and Training Options: Women’s and Youth Assault Prevention Designed specifically for women and youth wanting a usable skill set, and a greater sense of control in dealing with the challenges faced in today’s world.

Potential Violent Patient/Client Management Tactics Designed specifically for Hospital Security Staff, Health Care Workers, Victim Service Case workers. Review of Assaults on Health Care, Victim Service Workers. Health Care Professional Response Options. Identifying Patient, Client Resistance. Dealing with Confrontational and Aggressive Behaviour.

Casino Security Professionals; Security Guard and Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) Training. Designed specifically for LPO’s and Security Guard professions. Legal rights & responsibilities. Use of force options. Confrontation management. Empty hand control tactics. Defensive tactics. tactical handcuffing Disengagement tactics. Report writing.              Authorized by the Saskatchewan Justice Department to provide instruction for Provincial Security Guard Certification; Use of force; Handcuffing; Less than lethal force options including pepper spray and baton.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Corrections & Policing.  Private Investigator and Security Guard Course Provider #153.

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.  Accredited Trainer #AT000590.  Basic Security Training Course.

Justice Institute of British Columbia.  Accredited Trainer#683 School Approval #184 Basic Security Training.

Unruly clients/ Safety Management Designed specifically for retail; office and business environment; Public service industry providers.  Pre-emptive threat assessment/recognition. Safety & security options. Confrontation Management Training Designed for the Corporate and Public Sector where clients may become aggressive and/or confrontational with the Service Provider’s:  Real Estate Professionals; Probation and Parole Services; Transportation. Cyberstalking/harassment &information gathering. Managing aggressive & confrontational behaviour. Dealing with violence in the workplace.

Personal Safety |Use of Force Consultation & Training | Workplace Violence Prevention. Half day, full day and two day training options. Leon Durette; Albert Boucher; and Joel Pedersen Defensive Tactic Instructors can be reached at  306-281-5338 or email at


Garda World Saskatoon. 7-11 March 2022

We our proud to be the de-escalation defensive tactics and security training company of choice for GardaWorld Security. An International Professional Security Company. Building positive relationships with Indigenous business and community.

Part B of Security 2J2 programming will be conducted in Saskatoon 7-11 March 2022. With successful completion, participants will be offered full time employment with GardaWorld in Saskatoon. Please contact GardaWorld or contact

Red Cross Training Partner Fitness 2J2.

Fitness 2J2 is honoured to announce the new services of First Aid and CPR training for 2022. We can attend your community or organization; qualify you or re-certify you and your team. Building Healthy and Safe Communities.

For more information please contact us at

Saskatoon Tribal Council Wellness Centre. 15-Security-PeaceKeepers.

We are honoured to support the Saskatoon Tribal Council, in building a safer and healthy community.

If you have completed the 2J2 Indigenous Community Security & Safety Program; and are interested in a full time contract (12hr shifts starting at $25hr) with the STC supporting the Wellness Centre. Send email to

Have your certificate’s; updated resume; be prepared for CPIC check.


Looking forward to visiting La Loche community again, it has been a few years since we were last in community for fitness and self defence training. Proud to partner with NSCRD to build community health and wellness through training and programming. All programming is at no cost to participate.

Further info to be added, please contact the NSCRD community co-ord for dates and times.

Black Lake First Nation 31Jan-4Feb 2022. Self Def for Women&Youth Program

Edlanete (Hello). Proud to partner with Northern Sport Culture & Recreation Association to visit Black Lake FN. It has been a couple years since 2J2 programming was in community. We are looking forward to meeting you again; and provide 2J2 self defense program at no cost for community.

All instructors are Covid-19 vaccinated, we follow the health measures and safety protocols to keep all of us safe and healthy.

For more information contact your NSCRD community co-ord or send us a message.

Marci Cho (Thank you)

SABEX & ABEX Community Involvement Award Finalist

Honoured to be Finalists in two Business Awards for 2021. 2J2 was the only First Nations Business to be in the running in these two awards. Congratulations to all the amazing businesses that contribute to Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.