Security Officer and Loss Prevention Officer (LPO)

2J2 is Indigenous owned and operated safety and security business, with repeatable current and retired law enforcement and military trainers.

As one of our goals is to ensure proper training and continued development of people/organizations who are active in the Security industry; we can adjust the curriculum to meet your needs with regards to your specific objectives and time frames.

The training will ensure your Security members have one of the most humane methods of defusing and controlling a client or volatile situations. Appropriate for all environment’s, in a non-aggressive approach to security and safety.

Accredited by the Saskatchewan Justice Department to provide instruction for Provincial Security Guard Certification; Use of force; Handcuffing; Less than lethal force options including pepper spray and baton.

Security Officer Training in Saskatchewan
Accredited by the Saskatchewan Justice Department, this 40-hour course is the mandatory training requirement for all licenced security guards in Saskatchewan. The goal of the program is to increase the knowledge base of the individual security officer thereby increasing the level of safety enjoyed by both the officer and the public encountering private security. It provides knowledge that will assist the officer with his/her duties and to stay within the guidelines of the law. This course is designed to provide the student with everything he/she needs to know to pass the provincial exam and earn a security guard certificate.

Topics include:
Introduction and Provincial Legislation
Conduct of Security: Professionalism and Public Relations
The Security Guard and the Legal System
Access Control and Alarm Systems
Traffic Control
Note Taking, Reports and Evidence
Response to Immediate Crisis
General Patrol Tactics and Techniques
Labour Disputes
Safety Issues for Security Guards

NOTE: 2J2 is an Approved Security Guard Course Provider through Saskatchewan Justice. If the student successfully completes the Approved Security Guard Training, he/she is eligible to apply for a permanent security guard licence within Saskatchewan and in most provinces across Canada.

Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) Training
Designed specifically for LPO’s and Security Professions.

legal rights & responsibilities
confrontation management
empty hand control tactics
defensive tactics
tactical handcuffing
tactical and disengagement tactics                                                                                                Shield for containment                                                                                                 report writing

Unruly clients/ Safety Management
Designed specifically for retail and business environment.

Leon Durette, Albert Boucher, Joel Pedersen Defensive Tactic Instructors can be reached at 306-281-5338 or email to



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