2J2 Safety Tips

2J2 SECURITY Shopping Personal Safety Tips

Please follow these safety tips to decrease crimes of opportunity. Vehicles left unlocked, valuables left in plain sight and shoppers with arms full of packages are prime targets. Since anyone may become the victim of a street crime at any time and at any location, 2J2 suggests a few preventive actions:

Do not allow cell phone conversations or texting to distract you from your surroundings.  Avoid driving, parking or walking alone in poorly lit, remote or unfamiliar areas, if at all possible. If you must travel during hours of darkness, do so with another person or group.                                        Park in well lit, attended and frequently patrolled areas.                            Place all valuables out of sight in the locked trunk.                                          Lock your vehicle, close the windows and secure the keys.                        Keep credit/debit cards and check books in a safe place while shopping, at home or at work. Always keep credit/debit receipts.   Take notice of those around you or near your parked vehicle. Proceed to a well lit, populated area if you become suspicious or uneasy. Notify the local Law Enforcement agency.                                                                                                            Keep your cell phone on you with the battery charged.                                         If you are accosted, surrender valuables as requested. Do not try to argue or reason with the culprit.                                                                                      Don’t let yourself be forced into a vehicle or taken from the scene. Toss valuables one way and run the other way.                                                                  Stay alert. Be prepared.                                                                                                       When shopping online, insure you use reputable websites and keep records of your transactions. If possible, have items shipped to a location that does not require the item be left on the front porch. “Porch Piracy” is quite popular with thieves