PAGC Security Guard 80hr Program. Stoney Rapids SK. Mar27-7Apr 2020 **POSTPONED**

Now accepting applications for the PAGC sponsored Security Guard Program. Two parts to the program: Part 1 is the Saskatchewan Security Guard 40 hour. Part 2 is the Tactical portion Self Defense; Arrest and Control; Tactical Handcuffing; Baton; De-escalation Tactics 40 hour. ***POSTPONED due to COVID-19 protocol*** We are still accepting applications and as soon as it is safe we will set dates for training.

Full Course Components for 40 hour Saskatchewan Security Guard Course:

-Introduction and Provincial Legislation

-The Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard 

-Conduct of Security: Professionalism and Public Relations

-The Security Guard and the Legal System

-Access Control and Alarm Systems

-Traffic Control

-Note Taking, Reports and Evidence

Response to Immediate Crisis

-General Patrol Tactics and Techniques

-Labour Disputes

The Tactical portion of the program consists of the following during 40 hours:

-Use of force model and application

-Defensive Stance and movement patterns

-Theory of Self-Defense

-Defence to Common Attacks

-Theory of Arrest & Control

-Arrest & Control; Tactical Handcuffing

-Escorting Techniques; Pressure Points

-Tactical Communication and De-escalation Techniques

-Expandable Baton

-Ethical Intervention

Included in your training:

Included is a set of regular size Peerless Handcuffs and nylon case; Tactical Key; Slash proof search gloves Med-XL. $170.00 package.

Leadership and Personal Development with the Sergeant Major’s.

Our group of current and former Sergeant Major’s can provide your company with leadership experience and motivation that can empower your company.

Expertise from domestic and international operations and training, our former Infantry RSM’s and CSM’s, also bring years of Canadian Police and Federal Corrections experience. Bridging the Canadian military leadership principles and ethos, to modern policing leadership and management.

We provide key note speakers, workshop, panel discussions that focus on Leadership; Mentorship; Company Stewardship; Resiliency.