Personal and Public Safety with 2J2.

Personal and Public Safety with Security 2J2.
Personal Safety| Use of Force Consultation & Training| Workplace Violence Prevention


2J2 provides training in virtually every area associated with personal safety, confrontation management, and assault prevention, dealing with workplace violence, force response, use of force, arrest and control tactics.

2J2  can provide your organization with proactive strategies, tactics and techniques to manage and mitigate risk, to enhance physical safety and legal security, and to increase employee confidence and competence in dealing with situations that may be high risk or confrontational in nature.

Security 2J2  specializes with:

Women’s and Youth Assault Prevention.
Potentially Violent Patient Client Management Training.

Security Guard Training and Professional Development.
Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) Training.

Unruly Client/ Safety Management.
Confrontation Management and Office Safety Training.

Service Industry Providers, food and beverage environments.

Real Estate Professionals.

Transportation Providers.

Teachers and Teacher Assistants.

All training is thoroughly court-defensible and supportive of personal and organizational goals. All training concepts have been pressure-tested in the real world and before the Courts in Canada. Your personal and organizational liability position will be greatly enhanced through 2J2.

Albert Boucher, Joel Pedersen, Leon Durette, Defensive Tactic Instructors can be reached at 306-281-5338, or email to also please check web page at


Personal Safety | Use of Force Consultation & Training | Workplace Violence Prevention

Women’s and Youth Assault Prevention
Designed specifically for women and youth wanting a usable skill set, and a greater sense of control in dealing with the challenges faced in today’s world.

Defensive Tactics and Disengagement Training:
Potential Violent Patient Client Management Tactics
Designed specifically for Hospital Security Staff, Health Care Workers, Victim Service Case workers.

Review of Assaults on Health Care, Victim Service Workers
Health Care Professional Response Options
Identifying Patient, Client Resistance
Dealing with Confrontational and Aggressive Behaviour

Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) Training
Designed specifically for LPO’s security professions.  

legal rights & responsibilities
confrontation management
empty hand control tactics
defensive tactics
tactical handcuffing
disengagement tactics
report writing

Unruly clients/ Safety Management
Designed specifically for retail and business environment.

Pre-emptive threat assessment/recognition
safety & security, theft prevention.
Confrontation Management Training
Designed for the Corporate and Public Sector where clients may become aggressive and/or confrontational with the Service Provider’s:     Probation and Parole Services. managing aggressive & confrontational behavior dealing with violence in the workplace.


Personal Safety |Use of Force Consultation & Training | Workplace Violence Prevention

Half day, full day and two day training options.

Albert Boucher, Joel Pedersen, Leon Durette Defensive Tactic Instructors can be reached at 306-281-5338, or email at also please check web page at

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