SASKATOON Tribal Council, 2j2. Sask Justice Security Gaurd Course.

We are proud to partner with the Saskatoon Tribal Council to be the service provider for Security Guard development and training. Following the Saskatchewan Justice curriculum, and the accreditation to instruct arrest and control; use of force; tactical handcuffing; defensive tactics for all Security Guards. We ensure all COVID protocol safe practices are in place for candidates and instructors.

Together building healthy and safe Indigenous community security officers, for our communities. For more information on training opportunities, please contact us directly at 306-281-5338.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Active This is the way.

Tactical Equipment for Security/Military/Emergency Services.

We can provide you with your PPE; Uniforms; Boots; Respirators; Search Gloves; Tactical FlashLights; Training and Operational etc. Check out the catalog’s for 5.11 Tactical Kroll VooDoo Tactical BlackHawk Tactical

Send us a ADREP message as to what kit you need to be operationally effective. Our QM will fill that request. Cede Nullis

Leadership and Personal Development with the Sergeant Major’s.

Our group of current and former Sergeant Major’s can provide your company with leadership experience and motivation that can empower your company.

Expertise from domestic and international operations and training, our former Infantry RSM’s and CSM’s, also bring years of Canadian Police and Federal Corrections experience. Bridging the Canadian military leadership principles and ethos, to modern policing leadership and management.

We provide key note speakers, workshop, panel discussions that focus on Leadership; Mentorship; Company Stewardship; Resiliency.

Winter Sessions Self Defence for Women & Youth. Saskatoon.

Your health and wellness is our main priority at 2J2. We will be providing a NO C0ST Self Defence class each week after our fitness bootcamp. All ages and ability welcomed, no prior experience in training.

A jujitsu-aikido based self defence and awareness program. Delivered in a holistic, safe and fun manner by professional Police, Correctional, and Military experienced officers. Partnering with the Pleasant Hill Community Association, and City of Saskatoon.

Monday nights 7-8pm at the St.Marys School 327 Av N south, Saskatoon, Sk. Starting Jan13 2020.