Self Defence for Teens and Parents Session, 29June2015

5 star out of 5.                                                                                                                         We had Joel and Leon do a special session for parents and teens on self defence. Everyone should know some basics and I have to thank both Joel and Leon for making it fun and easy to learn. I think the emphasis on keeping fit is excellent. I would very highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a bit of self defence. Both men are leaders and very knowledgable in their field. Thank you to both of you!                               Paula Ghiglione —Saskatoon,Sk

Loss Prevention Handcuffing. Saskatoon,Sk. June/21/2014. Forensic Investigations Canada LPO Professional Development.

Loss Prevention Handcuffing. Saskatoon,Sk. June/21/2014. Forensic Investigations Canada LPO Professional Development.


LPO.Rahman “Course content was excellent, really informative instructor really helpful, loved the hands on aspect of the training. Presentation was well paced and effective.”

LPO.Mashhudomi “The exercises were thorougly discussed so the key points were clear and understandable, everything about this training was excellent”

LPO. Justin “The course was much more than I expected, these professional and knowledgeable instructors provided so much more than just handcuff techniques. We learned safety awareness, verbal interaction skills, self defence swell as safe and effective hand cuff skills. Every security professional entering the field SHOULD have this training”

Real Estate Safety and Self-Defence Seminar, Saskatoon, SK.


Huge thanks to Joel and Leon for sharing their expertise with local REALTORS® at our board’s June education session. Then facilitating a special one day self-defence course for those of us who wanted to know more!  A good reminder that fitness is critical, incorporated practical instruction with humour and insight into what we thought was a simple warm-up routine.  True professionals who work well together and know their stuff!  Thanks so much for spending a Saturday with us.

Wendy Lemauviel. REALTORS®                                                              RE/MAX, Saskatoon

The defense awareness education class held on Wedenesday June 17 was absolutely fabulous. Leon and Joel from Security 2J2 brought across safety issues in a entertaining manner and it was extremely informative. The demonstrations were also very enlightening and could be used in situations outside of work as well. The presentors also brought attention of ways to protect yourself that are simple but not something you think of off hand. Thanks to the board for offering this session and to Corinne for facilitating. It would be wonderful if one of the brokerages could offer the actual physical training sessions. I am sure there would be great attendance.

Best Regards,
Myra Kirk REALTOR®
Top Producer
Realty Executives Saskatoon

Loss Prevention Handcuffing. Saskatoon,Sk. Sept/20,21/2014. Forensic Investigations Canada LPO Professional Development.


“Course content was excellent”; “Instructors Knowledgeable”; Presentation was well paced”; “Clear instructions regarding exercises were provided”; “the examples and illustrations were real and relevant”; “Expression of our point of view was encouraged”; “Exercises were relevant and helped to understand subject”; The training exercises were thoroughly discusses so the key points were clear and understandable”. LPO.Hamidou

“This program was so impressive, good for building self confidence and safety features” LPO.Kumar

“I strongly believe that this is a great learning opportunity, and every security guard should take it. It gave me more understanding of my job and how to do it safely.” LPO.Shahzad

“It was really informative and fun to learn” LPO. N.Singh

“It helped a lot, it made me understand more about safety and how to handle various situations, our jobs are not to fight, but to prevent if possible” LPO. L.Singh

“Very Very Helpful, I would like to do further training with these guys!” LPO.Patel

“I would like more on defensive training, to learn even more of what these guys know. Love to know more and learn” “Excellent training” LPO.Sharma

“Fun training with fun people, overall this was excellent” LPO.Schmale

“It was very nice experience in my life. In my past people work experience I have had some difficulties in arresting. Iam now feeling more comfortable and confident in my abilities. Overall excellent training” LPO. Sidhu